Why I suck at being a christian

                                   Let me tell you why I suck at being a christian

First I said the word suck ooh, thats probably a no no along with many other word I may use.  What do you think when you hear the word christian?  Someone who go’s to church?  Someone who is religious?  A judgmental, up tight, rule follower(at least when people are watching anyway).

I see people following models and chasing beliefs that are not even biblical.  People love their bible when it makes them look right or righteous.  We love to highlight bits and pieces to fit what we feel comfortable believing.  When in fact we can only experience the truth by taking the bible as a whole, and not just understanding the word but seek to understand the heart of the author.

I am not a good christian girl.  I am however a believer in  The Almighty God and His truth.  Sometimes I have to search deep into His word to find the true Heart of God.  I am a WOMAN who preaches, teaches, evangelizes, and prophesies.  I speak in tongues, I dance in His presence, and I love people even if their belief’s and choices are different from mine.  I don’t have a Jesus fish on my car, I don’t ware a cross around my neck, I don’t get into Facebook debates(we all know that is the only true battle ground of Christ  *sarcasm intended*).  I didn’t even give my kids biblical names. *gasp*

I am however a believer in Christ, my beliefs come from Gods word.  When I am challenged by a belief that is contrary to mine I seek the true source The Word.  I don’t just skim the surface until I find something that will justify MY belief, I seek the truth.  I am continually challenged with lies I have believed to be truth.  My choice is  not to fit the mold, my choice is to let the truth mold me, challenge me,  take me out of my christian comfort zone.  To let go of ideas I have always believed to be true for the real, deep truth only Gods word can bring.


Love has a Look

1 Corinthians 13:4-7
This is a well known scripture, so well known we can often quote it without hearing, and listen without understanding. When I read this I like to take the time and have a conversation with God.  When I read His word it’s Him talking to me.  When I pray it’s me talking to Him.  What we both long for is a intimate conversation. So as I go through my day I stop and ask God, “Was I patient with people today? was I kind? Was I rude? Was I jealous?” If I faulted in any area He reminds me so I can correct the behavior.  Then I ask Him, “God did I protect my relationships today? Did I overflow with hope? Did I trust you today?” He always reveals the areas I stuggles, and reminds me when I love well, because we both know when I love well it can never fail.

God Empowers Women! part 2


Women were made to be Prophets, Apostles, Pastors, Teachers, and Evangelists; how do we know?  God told us over and over and over. We have Priscilla who was always mentioned before her husband because she was important (Acts 18:24-26). Junia was  an Apostle even though some translations changed the pronoun from her to him, Junia had a uterus and led people (Romans 16:7).  We hear about Pheobe a Minister of God, and Phillip  had a whole household of Prophetesses.  Deborah was a Prophetess and a Judge in the spiritual and the political. She was not the only one in the old testament that we see.  There was Miriam (Exodus 15:20), Huldan (2 Kings 22:14), and Noadiah (Nehemiah 6:14).  There was the great prophet Isaiah who’s wife was also a Prophetess (Isaiah 8:3).

In the New Testament we see Anna, Elizabeth the Prophetesses.  Lets not forget the very first person Jesus told to go and preach that he was the Messiah was the whore at the well. I can keep giving examples, but basically that will profit nothing if we don’t remove the blinders of what we want to see and believe.

It is like when you buy a new car, lets say it a Toyota Camery, you never realized how many Toyota Camerys there are until you have one. You were not looking for them so you couldn’t see them.  Yet they have always been there your are just finally aware of them.  It’s the same way with truth of God’s Word, we are not aware of all He has revealed to us because that not where we put our focus.

God Empowers Women Part 1

powerful-womenGod empowers women!  When we read through the bible we tend to put on lenses that filter out anything that opposes or challenges what we already believe.  We read in such a manner that we tend to focus only on the parts or areas that validate what we already believe.

We may have never been exposed to the idea that God’s word empowers women.  We are blinded by what we already believe, we miss that God never universally restricted women from leadership, authority, or ministry.  God actually pours out His validation of women in these roles all through His word.

We cling to a couple of restrictive verses about women and choose never to see the plethora of information God has set before us regarding women.  In 1 Timothy 2:12 (I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather she is to remain quiet.) we use this as the cornerstone to limit women in leadership in the church.  So I’m going to break it down for you.  The word “exercise” in the Greek means authortien which that translation is only used once in the whole Bible! Authortein means  “one who acts on their own authority to govern or gain dominion”. So we could say 1 Timothy 2:12 like this ” I do not permit a woman to teach with a view to dominate over a man.”  So it never says not to teach, it is saying, do not try to dominate over men.

Lets take the blinders off and see past the one verse we try to squeeze everyone into.  Lets keep opening new doors to see who, what and why God created women.